How it



We generate 100% renewable energy at solar power plants in Texas communities. Our projects are distributed generation in scale, meaning they are each under 10 MW in size and connect directly to local utility distribution lines. Consumers and the grid benefit from distributed generation because the power we generate is closer to end-users, minimizing risk and avoiding transmission issues.

Delivering Power

Once on the grid, the solar power we produce joins electricity generated from all sources on local distribution lines connected to homes and businesses. Utilities like CenterPoint Energy in Houston and Oncor Electric Delivery Company in Dallas maintain the reliability of the local network, regardless of the company that sells your power.

Local Sun Energy solar panels in Sealy, TX
Texas solar energy distribution towers

Purchasing Power

 “We’ve collaborated with MP2 Energy, a Shell Energy north America subsidiary, to create a community solar program that gives our members the ability to access 100% renewable energy from the grid and support continued growth of locally produced solar energy. MP2 Energy manages the wholesale power produced by our solar panels and is able to offer comprehensive retail electricity services to our customer. You can support solar energy and benefit from locally produced clean power with premium service provided by one of the most trusted, well-respected energy companies in the world.”