How it works.

Reliably distributed by CenterPoint Energy, we offer electricity service powered by clean energy from solar power plants that we own and operate in the Houston area.

When you choose Local Sun to power your home or business, you join a growing community that is accelerating the transition to cleaner energy locally. Every kWh of energy generated by us and supplied to you is one less kWh of polluting power required on the grid.

There are no gimmicks, no setup costs, and no cancellation fees. If you aren’t satisfied, you can cancel any time.

Local Sun’s electricity plan is administered by MP2 Energy, a leading retail electricity provider that serves universities, businesses, and institutions.

Locally produced.
100% renewable.

What makes us different.

With traditional renewable energy plans, you’re most likely buying renewable energy credits (RECs), as opposed to actual energy from a clean power plant. With Local Sun, you buy the energy generated by our solar power plants. Unlike plans that rely exclusively on RECs for renewable content, our electricity:

  • Energizes your home or business with solar power
  • Displaces polluting power in real-time locally
  • Benefits the community and local economy
  • Stabilizes the price of your energy over the long-term
  • Accelerates the growth of more renewables locally

While there may be slightly cheaper or more expensive rates at any given time from other suppliers, we believe our differences will produce the best long-term stability, local impact, and value.


Locally owned and operated.

Local Sun is a family business operated by a team that believes clean energy produced locally benefits consumers and communities.

Having planted our first 15,000 solar panels on 12 acres in Sealy, we are growing our community to deliver clean energy to more friends and neighbors.

While our approach may be grassroots, our energy and operations are utility-grade with reliability provided by CenterPoint Energy.

For more information on our electricity service, visit our FAQs. If you have additional questions or would like to see where and how your energy is produced, you can contact us anytime.