You’re 90 seconds away from clean energy.

Local Sun has teamed up with MP2 Energy, a subsidiary of Shell Energy North America, to offer affordable residential electricity plans powered by farm-to-market solar energy (for commercial options, contact us). Get first class service and reliability from MP2 Energy while supporting local solar power generation in your community by Local Sun.

  • Your rate: 10.9 cents/ kWh including the following details:
    • MP2 Energy fixed energy rate = 6.8 cents/ kWh
    • CenterPoint Energy delivery rate = 3.6 cents/ kWh
    • CenterPoint Energy flat fee = $5.47/ month
  • Your term:. Your rate is fixed for one year with autopay paperless billing.
  • Setup costs: None
  • Cancellation fee: None
  • Minimum usage fee: None
  • Renewable content: 100%
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