Frequently Asked Questions

How is electricity service with Local Sun similar to other electricity plans?

Local Sun’s plan is administered by MP2 Energy and includes the basic retail energy provider functions of managing your energy supply, billing, and customer service. As with all energy providers, reliability is ensured by CenterPoint Energy, so there is no difference in power quality, rain or shine. 

If I already get renewable energy from another provider, how is this different?

With traditional renewable energy plans, you’re most likely buying renewable energy credits (RECs), as opposed to actual energy from a clean power plant (for more on RECs, visit here). With Local Sun, you buy the energy generated by us at local solar farms that we own and operate in the community. Unlike plans that rely exclusively on RECs for renewable content, the electricity we provide:

  • Energizes your home or business with locally generated solar power
  • Displaces polluting fossil fuel power in real-time on the local distribution network
  • Benefits the community, local economy, and local infrastructure
  • Stabilizes the price of electricity for local consumers over the long-term
  • Provides an educational resource for school districts and community organizations
  • Fosters bee populations that pollinate local agriculture and produce honey
  • Supports biodiversity on local lands
  • Accelerates the growth of more renewables and new technology locally

While there may be cheaper rates at any given time from other suppliers, we believe we will provide the best long-term value, positive impact, and stability because of these differences.

Why does Local Sun only offer one plan with one rate?

It’s important to remember that retail energy providers all buy their energy from the same wholesale market at the same times for the same prices, generally speaking. So, rather than offer teaser rates or gimmicks that net the same results, we prefer to keep it simple and transparent with one plan with one rate that best reflects our cost to do what we do, an approach similar to municipal electric utilities and rural electric cooperatives. When you sign up, your rate is fixed for one year.

Our owners, company members, and customers share the same plan at the same rate.

Is it a hassle to establish service?

Not at all. We just need your name, contact info, and service address along with your authorization to enroll in our energy service. Once submitted on our sign up page, we take it from there. There is no equipment or setup required.

Can I see where my power is generated?

Yes. We always love giving tours of our solar farm in Sealy, TX to groups of all sizes. We believe the link between people and power can be purposeful and welcome the opportunity to further this connection. To plan a visit, contact us anytime.

What happens to the honey produced by Local Sun’s solar farm bees?

It’s given to Local Sun’s energy customers.