Five Fictional Communities We’d Love to Power

Those familiar with us know that we are inspired by neighborhoods and communities that make Houston, Sealy, and towns in the surrounding area special. Like most of you, we also love movies and TV shows and thought we’d share a handful of our favorite fictional communities that we’d love to power. Enjoy!

Arlen, TX – King of the Hill

Arlen, TX is the fictional Texas town that is home to the wonderful Mike Judge show “King of the Hill”. The show’s protagonist is Hank Hill, the Assistant Manager of Strickland Propane and lifelong booster of Arlen. Hank lives by a strong code of values (that are constantly tested in the age of Mega Lo Marts) and is a refreshingly reasonable and pragmatic voice. While the show perfectly satires our culture (particularly Texas), it demonstrates a positivity and optimism for the future and reinforces the best of what communities like Arlen have to offer. While it’s not propane, locally generated clean energy might be the next best thing for Hank.

Twin Peaks, WA – Twin Peaks

While not as sunny as Arlen, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, WA is a tight-knit community with eccentric characters and mysterious surrounding woods. The show begins as a crime story but goes beyond traditional categories over the original first 30 episodes. After a 25 year hiatus, the show will return with an 18 episode season three (described as an 18 hour film for the television screen) on Showtime on Sunday, May 21. Currently, Twin Peaks runs on coffee, donuts, and pie, and we think the honey produced at our solar farm would be a good addition.

Anarene, TX – The Last Picture Show

While a traditional oil and gas Texas town, we think the citizens of Larry McMurtry’s Anarane, TX could get behind local clean energy to power Sam’s pool hall, the movie theater, and the high school. Anarane (Archer City, TX in real life) is beautifully depicted in Peter Bogdanovich’s 1971 film version of The Last Picture Show as it follows a group of students coming of age to a soundtrack of radios playing songs written by Hank Williams. Like Hank Hill of Arlen, Sam the Lion of Anarene is one of our all-time favorite characters.

Neighborhood of Make-Believe – Mr. Rogers/ Daniel Tiger

Most readers with kids will instantly recognize the Neighborhood of Make-Believe from the current show “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood”, which continues the legacy of Fred Rogers and “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”. The show follows Daniel Tiger and the other children of Mr. Rogers’ original puppets as they grow up, go to school, and learn the importance of building a strong community. The characters shop locally at the neighborhood bakery, music store, clock tower, etc., and work together on projects like cleaning up the park after a storm and harvesting fruit at the enchanted garden. With this civic backbone, we think it would be an excellent place to build a solar farm and connect people (and puppets) with clean energy.

Maple Street – Twilight Zone

One of the best and most cautionary “Twilight Zone” episodes is Rod Serling’s “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” which shows that people can be their own worst enemies. The episode begins with a flew minor electrical outages for the homes of Maple Street and escalates into neighbors turning against one another in full on conspiracy that an alien is among them. The show ends in all out chaos as the real aliens watch from above and reflect on how little it takes for communities to unravel. However, if Maple Street had a source of clean, reliable power made locally to keep the power on, the whole situation might have been avoided.